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about the company

Justin owns and runs Gorilla Films, which is a full-service film production company specializing
in the music video industry.
The name “Gorilla Films” originates from the term
“Guerilla-filmmaking”, where innovative techniques are used to
produce hi-end results with few resources.
Justin Campos began in music production, where He had the pleasure of programming percussion, recording, mixing and mastering.

In 1998, He then moved to film, and started a small production company called “Gorilla Films” from a little townhouse in Johannesburg, South Africa, that has become a household name (in the industry)
Justin Campos is a known force in the entertainment sector, and has
won several awards for his music videos, with many nominations every
year. Justin was then joined by Candice Lee Campos his wife, who has taken the production value up with her amazing talent and hard work in conceptual ideas, producing, set design, and many other areas. The two are like a dynamic duo, producing work of great value and entertainment.

Justin is not a typecast director, He likes to operate the camera himself, often lights the sets, overseeing workflow and data management (data wrangling, DIT), He always handles the final edits to refine, and also plays colourist on all his work. He is a perfectionist.

To date, Justin has directed/shot and graded over 500 music videos, and a handful of commercials/corporates.

We love what we do. It’s hard work and dedication, but the fruits are rewarding.

Every time we see our work on TV or the web, its a constant gratification.


Justin Campos

Been in the game since 1996. First Music production, then film.

Directing, lighting, operating, editing, and colour grading.

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Candice Lee Campos

Been in the game since 2002.

First luxury brands and training supervisor at Mont Blanc SA, then joined Justin in 2010 to do film.

From the ideas, concepts, treatments, styling ideas, set design and production management, Candice is not short of talent, dedication and hard work.